Enhance Yourself with Video

By Tim Derian posted 04-16-2015 15:45


As Kristin Maclay Brunett writes, "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, But Video is Priceless".

So it's a no brainer that incorporating short presentations into your marketing regime would be a big hit. A business card may be too little and a website an over abundance. A 30 second company presentation is a marketing tool that lies in between, defining your business and raising a curiosity for further investigation.

One simple format could be to use a dynamic animated logo flowing into 1 to 3 compelling questions, statements or demonstrations followed by a contact page that links to a website, Linkedin profile, Twitter, or Facebook.

These 30 to 45 second long electronic cards stay inside most people’s attention spans with it compelling animations and colours. Adding music can take it to an entirely new dimension. This is an opportunity to amuse, entertain and intrigue a prospect into wanting to know more about you and your company. And it is a great way to tell your clients the genuinely unique values your company offers.

Here are a few ways to share your pitch:
1. After meeting a new business contact, email them your pitch along with your business contact information.
2. Add it to the signature of your company email templates.
3. Embed into all marketing materials including newsletters, surveys, white papers, and e-cards.
4. Include it in the About Us of your website or on your homepage for extra content and SEO.
5. Convert it into a video and upload to Youtube or Vimeo. There is a chance of it reaching a wider audience and for you to receive direct feedback.