Is Your 2020 Marketing Vision 20/20?

By Ida Cheinman posted 01-16-2020 08:42


marketing vision 2020
A decade ago, we started planning for the year 2020. Today, we look back to evaluate how closely our Vision2020 matches the reality and optimistically plan forward for the next decade.

Whether or not we can truly predict the next big change, one thing is clear: the world will continue to evolve at neck-breaking speed, creating an ever-greater opportunity for marketing to influence business outcomes.

To leverage the speed of change to propel their firms into the future, marketers must have a clear vision and learn to distinguish truly transformative strategies from the next shiny thing. 

So, what does hold true in the always-evolving business and marketing environment? What processes do you need to implement today to enable your firm to react and pivot fast? What disciplines and skillsets do you need in-house? Find ways to structure and staff your marketing function so that it can react quickly and adapt to the always changing environment and audiences’ expectations. 

What you need to focus on:

  • Lead with the Brand. Always.
  • Master the Experience.
  • Don’t Let Your Website Hold You Back.
  • And more

Sharpen your focus, separate substance from hype and develop a clear vision with the help of these resources. Reach out and let me know what's on your list for making your firm's marketing vision 20/20!