Playing Musical Chairs with Cement Boots

By Brian Converse posted 08-28-2013 17:34


Of course, that's what my job search feels like at the moment. I've been laid off for 5 weeks, and have had several interviews, and a couple of second interviews, but the process can be frustrating. Luckily I have a support structure of former co-workers and, of course, my wife, and that takes the edge off, at least. Yet I can't help to second-guess myself and wonder if everyone else out there who is searching for a new job has just sat down without me.

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09-15-2013 13:00

Hello Brian,
It's hard to stay positive when in this situation and that's exactly what you have to do. Know that so many of your fellow marketers have been in your shoes and we are fortunate to have the SMPS network to keep us involved in the business and with each other. You may want to use this time to gain new skills, read up on untouched issues and perhaps rethink about what you're most passionate about and, ideally, what you want your next steps to be. And, of course, keep networking and practice relaying all the positive attributes you have to offer for potential new situations. You can do it!
Jane Gertler