Who's Under Your Wing?

By Ruth Hunter-Hill posted 03-11-2016 10:57


Last month, I talked about working in a multi-generational workplace. That's not going to change - certainly not during my lifetime.

A dear friend in our chapter talked with me about mentoring one of our new members as part of our chapter's Mentor-Protege program. My initial reaction was shock, because I don't see myself in a position to mentor anyone because I still have so much to learn!  Then she mentioned that I've been "unofficially" mentoring several ladies within our chapter anyway...

Geez Louize. She was absolutely right, though I hadn't looked at it as mentoring.  I guess I have taken a lot of young women "under my wing;" partly because it's inherent in my personality to be a nurturer and encourager. I've been in marketing for about five years or so now, but I've been in the A/E/C industry for about 10.  Not only that, I've had multiple careers, and have gained invaluable (albeit, transferable) experience. These varied skill sets have culminated in the wonderful marketing career I have today. The "soft skills" from my experience as HR Director at a local General Contractor and working in Project Management for a prominent telecom company have proven to be helpful for me - and others.

I'm enjoying my career in marketing, and I now realize that I really do have a lot to offer! We all do. Not only that, as the more seasoned members in our profession, we have a responsibility to help those just entering the marketing/business development professions, whether it's a first career or a career change. Age doesn't matter - though I'm "XX" years old, I'm still relatively new to the profession (but I'm young at heart!). I've been a professional for many (many!) years, and am open to sharing what I've learned.

It's actually a bit selfish because when I share my knowledge, I get so much in return. Our younger SMPS members are super smart, skilled, professional, and driven. Who can't learn something from that?

So take someone "under your wing" today. How do you start? By listening, as that's how you learn what part(s) of your experience can benefit someone else.


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04-28-2016 12:58

Awesome Ruth. I could not agree more with your post. And as a new member to SMPS and the AEC industry, I can truly say having seasoned professionals like yourself can make a huge difference!