Innovative Cultures in the AEC Industry

By Peter Kienle, FSMPS, CPSM, MBA posted 01-08-2019 12:12

Much of the information on this Blog deals largely with Branding. While branding is very important and I believe effective social media is the key to the future for any AEC firm,
I see less and less research and topics addressing that which is done out of the AEC industry.
Having taught marketing at Stratford University in Virginia Beach the last 5 years, I have ventured out to many other research sources and found them extremely relative with some tweeking for application to our industry.
In an article in the latest publication of the Harvard Business Review, my favorite magazine for business and marketing trends and research results, one article is titled "The Hard Truth: Creativity can be Messy" by Gary P. Pisano, Professor,Harvard Business School. He talks about the good things that happen in innovative cultures but says there are some things that do not work out well To be in these firms, a tolerance for failure requires an intolerance for incompetence and a willingness to experiment requires rigorous discipline.
This last sentence in a great topic to discuss with senior firm professionals meeting on its meaning and what can we learn from these observations.
I urge you to read the article.
Make exercises like this article a routine activity in your firm and you will grow.