Adobe Creative Suite vs. CS6

By Julie Kirkland posted 04-01-2014 16:44

Hi everyone, 
I am with a general contractor and am the only user of Adobe InDesign & Photoshop.  I am currently running ID 5 and PS 3 (until my Photoshop crashed) and am looking to upgrade ~ question is which way to I go ~ the cloud or not the cloud?

Any advise or insight would be greatly appreciated!

Julie Kirkland




04-23-2014 10:33

Thanks for all the insight. I have since received a notice from Adobe that they will no longer be offering updates to CS6 so that solidifys my decision. I now have to present to the executive team...

04-23-2014 10:13

I agree with Julie. I love all the options that come with the Cloud. The Suites didn't have the right combinations of applications that I wanted to use (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, Audition). With Cloud I get them all and more. All production files are saved on our network and not in the cloud.

04-02-2014 10:18

I use the cloud and love it. I don't save any of my documents to the cloud, though. However, getting real time software updates is great. Plus, I use Adobe Muse, Premiere Pro and After Effects ... pieces of software I might not have ever considered before. I've recommended the cloud to others with the stipulation that you need to be an administrator on your computer. It is easier to get updates that way. Adobe is starting to transition to cloud only (more support for the cloud than traditional boxed software) so I'd suggest getting in early.