The High-Value Impact of Leading with Brand Strategy

By Ida Cheinman posted 03-20-2019 08:38


Brand strategy is the key to achieving the more impactful outcomes of great branding – those that go beyond increasing awareness and controlling perceptions. 

The reason? Brand strategy is the plan for propelling your brand into action.

Rather than merely guiding brand development (the importance of which cannot be understated!), strategy also masterminds its activation and management – from launching the brand in a powerful way to maintaining its integrity over time to leading its continuous evolution.

These top five areas are where a thorough, thoughtful and effective brand strategy can create the most high-value impact for your firm:

  1. Empowers Customer Journey
  2. Locks in Brand Loyalty
  3. Activates Employee Engagement and Brand Ambassadorship
  4. Carries Companies Out of Commoditization
  5. Creates a Pathway to Evolution 

Perhaps the highest-value impact an effective brand strategy has is on a firm’s ability to withstand the test of time and its ability to pivot, adapting to changes in , business practices, culture, technology and more. 

Well-conceived brand strategies allow firms to remain relevant indefinitely by freeing them from being defined by their offerings or even category. 

This freedom provides flexibility for endless brand extensions and allows firms to evolve their offering mix to keep pace with marketplace change.

In other words, a well-conceived brand strategy is your firm’s ticket to continual evolution, ensuring impact on the world and the people it supports far into the future.

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