Beyond Data: A Deep Dive Inside Your Customer’s Mind

By Ida Cheinman posted 11-15-2018 08:04


Your Ultimate Guide to Better Customer Research


Marketers have always understood the importance of customer research to help them get into the minds of their customers. Conducting customer research is vital for developing meaningful customer personas and detailed journey mapping and for designing a more relevant and personalized customer experience.

However, doing it right often requires a great deal of time and resources, which puts conducting quality, comprehensive research out of reach for many companies. And even when conducted, much of what commonly constitutes a research study ends up being too superficial to lead to any new insight. In fact, customer research often merely proves what a company already knows about its customers.

But that doesn’t mean you can skip this step – whether your company is looking to build a strong brand, assess its competitive position or improve the effectiveness of its marketing effort, it’s essential. Although many companies radically underestimate the value of knowing their customers deeply (or believe they already do know them), the lack of real customer understanding is what leads to an undifferentiated brand, an irrelevant marketing message and companies their offerings being perceived as commodities.

Fortunately, there’s a way to conduct that research without having to spend half of your annual marketing budget!

The key is going deeper rather than wider. More specifically, conducting meaningful, in-depth, one-on-one conversations with key audience stakeholders.

For over a decade Substance151 has used this method as part of our brand development process, and there is not a single case where the core idea behind the brand concept didn’t come at least in large part from the deeper customer insight gained from our in-depth interviews.

Follow the process outlined in this guide for a deeper customer insight that gives you the competitive edge.

Download the guide to
 gain a competitive edge by getting inside your customer’s mind.

You’ll learn: 

  • How to plan a customer research project designed to deliver real customer insight
  • What you need to know to develop the right set of questions and how to select both the right interviewees and interviewers
  • The secrets to getting in-depth, meaningful answers
  • How to interpret all collected information so that you not only have but also insight 

Ready to take a deep dive into your customer’s mind?