By Christine Hollinden, CPSM posted 09-10-2013 10:56


We all know the importance of relationships in professional services. In fact, building relationships is the foundation of most practices. When we talk about building relationships, we are really referring to the results of building trust and rapport. It’s not a “chicken or the egg” dilemma, rapport has to come first before building a positive relationship with a prospect or client. Rapport isn’t something that just happens nor is it all personality driven. It is built through a series of events between two people that forges a connection, a mutual understanding. How might this type of connection occur? The first step in building a relationship with a prospect or client is being prepared.

I recently read an article by Chris Brogan who recalled a time when Jared Easley interviewed him for a podcast. Chris was wowed by Jared’s preparedness. He noted how Jared asked specific questions that demonstrated his knowledge of Chris and his background. Jared did his homework and obviously his preparedness made a huge impression. 

So, what are you doing to prepare for prospect meetings? 

Have you done your homework or do you walk in solely focused on what you are going to say about your firm, just hoping for success?