Introducing Your Old-School Boss to Cutting Edge Marketing

By Staci Cretu posted 06-06-2017 14:12


Convincing Your Old-School Boss to Marketing is Worth It

Marketing has totally evolved with the influx of new methods to reach consumers all over the world. The once-popular marketing vehicles like print, radio, television and signage advertising have now shared the stage with modern digital marketing that employ the incredibly influential social media and other venues once touted as trendy, fleeting and non-traditional. These days, millions of people are tapped to participate, get involved or buy products and services through newsletters, emails, videos, webinars, online parties, website promotions and ads and other digital events for a fraction of what advertisers used to spend on marketing.

Unfortunately, while more businesses thrive in the power of digital marketing, some business owners and leaders have remained stuck in their old ways. These old-school bosses do not welcome new marketing methods. Perhaps they're resistant to change or just don’t feel savvy enough to mess with the new system. If you work for one of these bosses, then you can make it your mission to introduce your conservative old-school boss to new technology . Remember, it takes a lot of determination, perseverance and tact to accomplish this goal, but it’s all worth it.

1. The magic of numbers

Nothing impresses a traditional business leader more than numerical figures. Entice your boss with statistics, case studies and reports from similar businesses to illustrate how the new method will not deter the success of his/her own ventures. Sharing success stories will help validate your proposal to employ new marketing strategies in line with your business goals.

2. Offer solutions

Think of an area in your department that gives you and the staff a headache, a level of difficulty which can only be solved by employing a system that is faster and has the potential to produce better results. Explain that the new system guarantees an improved performance depending on your needs – sales, productivity, consumer reach, etc. Offer comparisons and focus on how the new marketing approach can positively impact your company.

3. Create the experience

It’s hard to introduce a new concept if your traditional boss is clueless about how it works and what it even looks like. Be creative by immersing your boss in the cutting edge marketing experience. Provide illustrations or simulations. Let your boss experience what it feels like to employ the new marketing approach. If you propose to have a company website, involve your boss in the process from picking the best domain name down to the topics of the blogs to be featured once the website is live. If your proposal involves creating events and hosting giveaways, get your boss to be present in the venue, online or physical, to realize the amount of noise your marketing tactic has generated for the business.

4. Facilitate learning

A lot of people are not well-versed in modern technology, including its jargons. Many of your co-workers may not even know what SEO means and what it does for marketing. You can offer to conduct a presentation or a tutorial to introduce them to the world of digital marketing and its positive effects on your sales, customer service and branding among others.

5. Work with your boss

Just because your boss is old-school does not make him a lousy business leader. He just needs to embrace change and be open to new ways to make his business thrive and compete in the modern market where almost everyone capable of buying his products and services is equipped with a smartphone. Don’t make him feel inferior by telling him the ship has already sailed without him. Doing so will only make him more resistant and defensive. Work with your boss and find the best marketing method that will either replace or enhance your existing marketing strategies. Be the person that can bring the much needed change to the company that is definitely due for a crucial marketing overhaul.