Reporting & Metrics in Deltek Vision

By Melissa Pizzani posted 09-29-2015 17:07


I started working with Kitchen & Associates in February 2015. Not my first time in a marketing role, but my first time working in the field of architecture & engineering. We have a pretty straight forward process in place when responding to RFP and award submissions. Our templates are built and we go to the source for the writing, we then massage their words & make it "pretty". So, I don't feel as though I really need a course in proposal writing.

 I do however feel a tad lost when it comes to pulling metrics for our firm. Vision is a system I am still slowly learning. It seems to be a bit temperamental or maybe there are just too many different screens to change information. Personally I have a difficult time getting it to spit out information that is factual or useful. Even while working with two of our Vision power users here at our firm I still can't seem to pull useful reports. So any help in this are is much appreciated!